Nerdvana at Comic-Con

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San Diego Comic-Con InternationalFor football fans there is no bigger ticket than the Super Bowl, and for baseball fans the biggest annual attraction is the World Series — but for pop-culture enthusiasts the holiest of holy events is the San Diego Comic-Con. You will never find a more wretched hive of nerd-dom and geekery than this yearly gathering of genre themed exhibitors and retailers, artists and authors and costumes and craziness.

Nerdvana will be covering the big 2012 show from the San Diego Convention Center starting on Preview Night on July 11 through the last hour of closing day on July 15 – it’s a tough job, but some one’s got to do it! We’ll also be bringing back a bag of cool SDCC swag to giveaway at our NerdvanaCon celebration on Aug. 10. Read all our con-coverage over the course of the next week and look for clues that will lead you to a trove of treasures and trinkets that were only available at the SDCC. Stand by for contest details.

You can follow the Nerdvana Comic-Con coverage and ALL Nerdvana news right here on our blog, through Nerdvana on Facebook, or get up to the minute news from the Con via @Nerdvana on Twitter! Look for news on local artists that are exhibiting in San Diego, as well as national news on comics, movies, gaming and more!

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