More proof that Comic-Con is out of control


Most of us have just recently finished recovering from this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con. Next year’s event is scheduled for July 21-25, 2010, well over nine months away. As of today, four-day passes with preview night admittance are sold out already. However, four-day passes that don’t include preview night are still available for $100. For the moment, at least. Apparently jacking up prices compared to previous years is doing little to decrease demand.

If you were planning on making the pilgrimage to comicdoms holiest of holys next year, better act fast or you may wind up on the outside looking in.

Comic-Con truly has become a victim of its own success. Many people were upset about passes selling out in March this year and that was only four months ahead of the con. This is certain to upset quite a few people. Preview night is one of the most popular features at the con. Many companies sell exclusive merchandise that can only be bought during the scant few hours the convention is open on Wednesday night. It has gone from one of the lightest attended times to one of the heaviest.

This year con organizers expanded the number and variety of events that were held off-site in an attempt to limit overcrowding. Some panels were held in hotels near the convention center, with some success. Howver, tactics like this only go so far, given the sheer scope of the convention and the mass of humanity that is involved. Whatever solutions there are, they certainly won’t be easy.

With the con contractually obligated to stay in San Diego for at least two more years and any expansion of the convention center even further off, things are almost certain to get worse before they get any better.

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