More guests announced for Phoenix Comicon


Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2009New guests have been announced for Phoenix Comicon, Jan. 23-25 at the Mesa Convention Center.

Rob Liefeld will talk about Image United, the new Image founding members project coming out in 2009. He is the artist behind such titles as Youngblood, Onslaught, New Mutants, and X-Force.

Jim Valentino is a writer and artist who first made his start on normalman before moving onto titles at Marvel Comics. His most notable work for the company was as writer and artist on the futuristic superhero series Guardians of the Galaxy and selected issues of What If…? plus fill-ins on most of Marvel’s major titles. Valentino is one of the founding members of Image Comics in the 1990s, creating ShadowHawk. He will be on hand to talk about Image United, the new founding member project from Image coming in 2009.

Full event memberships cost $30 through Jan. 30. After that, they’ll cost $35 at the door. Single-day memberships are: $20 for Friday, $25 for Saturday and $15 for Sunday.

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