Meet the new Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

At the age of 69, Wonder Woman is getting an image makeover yet again — and with it a dramatic new backstory from writer J. Michael Straczynski.

Wednesday marks the debut of the DC Comics heroine’s Issue No. 600, and the Amazon refugee’s reimagined origin gives her a new sense of mystery  — and urgency.

The New York Times also describes her sensible new outfit designed by DC co-publisher Jim Lee, explains the “comic book sleight-of-hand” involved in the numbering of the issue, and gives readers a sneak peek at a panel from the new comic.

Straczynski, the creator of TV’s Babylon 5 who has also had writing stints on Marvel’s Thor and The Amazing Spider-Man as well as DC’s Teen Titans comics, is also charged with taking the Man of Steel back to his roots with the graphic novel Superman: Earth One.

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