Marvel lays ‘Siege’ to DC


siegeMarvel Comics announced an interesting promotion to comic retailers this week. Marvel is giving away free copies of a variant cover to the third issue of their newest event book Siege.

All retailers have to do to get this rare book is to send Marvel the stripped covers from 50 DC comic books. These covers can come from any combination of Justice League of America #39, Doom Patrol #4, Adventure Comics #4, Booster Gold #26, R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 and Outsiders #26.

This is significant because these are the same titles that were involved in DC’s Blackest Night ring promotion a few months back. Hence, it’s very likely that many comic shops over-ordered these books to receive the highly-anticipated Lantern Corps rings that came with them.

It seems like a win-win for Marvel and retailers. Marvel removes a chunk of DC’s product from the marketplace and retailers are able to exchange surplus inventory that probably wasn’t going to sell for a brand new book that almost certainly will sell for a premium price. Marvel also gets the added benefit of tweaking the nose of their biggest foe.

It’ll be interesting to see if DC has a response to this. Hopefully, this will ramp up the competition between the two companies to the benefit of readers. In an era of increased prices, padded storylines and reduced content, comic fans will be the true winners if both DC and Marvel are driven harder to out-do their rival.

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Chris Adams
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