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There’s been a lot of chatter recently about who should play the Man of Steel when Warner Bros.  “reboots” the Superman franchise (again) for 2012 with Zack Snyder at the helm. Surprisingly, Brandon Routh, who played the title role in the almost universally reviled 2006 outing Superman Returns, is getting a lot of buzz and may even have Snyder in his corner, according to Den of Geek.

Tom Welling in SmallvilleEntertainment Weekly recently polled its readers and while Routh placed highly, Smallville star (and producer) Tom Welling (pictured) easily got the most votes as the favorite for the role — more than 56 percent. (Cobra Commander himself, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, came in dead last, with just over 3 percent of the vote.)

After 10 seasons of watching Welling toil as the angsty young Clark Kent, learning the ropes of his alien powers while concealing them from those he loved, it’s nice to see him getting some Super respect. I’d love to see him take flight as the true Man of Steel.

I am in the minority in that I didn’t find Routh to be that bad in Superman Returns — and Kevin Spacey was great as Lex Luthor — but the casting of Welling in the red cape would be the ultimate payoff for fans who have stuck with the Smallville franchise through thick and thin, and it would dull the pain of the CW series’ impending finale.

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