Local notes on Free Comic Book Day

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The first Saturday in May is almost upon us — and that means that once again Free Comic Book Day has rolled around. Check out Lightning Octopus for full details on where you and your kids can get some free ink in the AZ.

Remember — this is the first year without Atomic Comics after the nationally known Arizona chain bit the dust. Go out and get your free comics — but also check out what other products the participating stores have on the shelf that might interest you, and support your local geek businesses! While Atomic left voids in Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix and Paradise Valley, there are still many places to get your geek on in Arizona. Mesa’s Gotham City Comics & Coffee has really stepped up in terms of inventory and events, and Samurai Comics has expanded into the East Valley near the old Mesa Atomic location.

One Saturday highlight I want to mention: Nerdvana contributor and indie comic creator Russ Kazmierczak Jr. will be at Phoenix’s Samurai Comics store, where he’ll be debuting Amazing Arizona Comics #6 along with a Free Comic Book Day mini-comic starring President Barack Obama (at left).

Here’s a synopsis and cover for AAC #6, which will be available for $2:

What do Prince Harry, the Phoenix Lights phenomenon, and Sheriff Joe’s secret super-deputies have in common? They all star in ‘Amazing Arizona Comics’ #6, where the truth is revealed! After this issue (say it with me), nothing will be the same!

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