Live from your comic store … it’s Saturday Night Live!

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Saturday Night Live ComicPop culture book publisher Bluewater Productions has announced that this March, they will be releasing a comic book based on the 37-year history of Saturday Night Live. But did you know that this is NOT the first appearance of SNL in comic-book form? That distinction goes to Marvel Comics, who has a rich history of partnering with the long-running comedy show, with often hilarious results.

The first appearance of SNL in a comic was Marvel Team-Up #74, way back in 1978! In this issue Stan Lee hosts the show with “The Not Ready For Prime-Time Players” including John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray, and the comedy troupe teams up with Spider-Man to defeat the Silver Samurai.

Hit up your local comic shop’s back-issue bins and you can probably locate a copy of this cool classic!

Marvel Team-up 74In a weird case of life imitating art, there is a Facebook drive on to get Stan Lee to host Saturday Night Live for real (a la the Facebook Betty White on SNL campaign). It looks like interest in this has waned a little, but with the upcoming Avengers movie, it’s the perfect time to make this happen –- so hit the link and join the drive!

Speaking of the Avengers, have you seen the 10-second sneak-peek of the upcoming Super Bowl Avengers trailer? If not, take a look below!

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