Labor pains for potential Comic-Con move?

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Is the future of Comic-Con getting ensnared in union politics?

Labor activists are weighing in on the possibility that the international pop culture convention may move from San Diego, its home of more than 40 years, to Anaheim.

A labor dispute with Disneyland Resort hotels, described in the San Diego Union-Tribune as “long-simmering” and “bitter,” recently came to a head with union reps dressing as Marvel Comics characters and delivering a letter to Comic-Con organizers warning them of the dispute and advising them that there is “no end in sight.”

Anaheim city leaders are fighting back with a website and open letter of their own pointing out the city stands to gain $100 million in economic activity.

Los Angeles has also been courting Comic-Con, and it’s not clear yet whether there will be any move. But Comic-Con is seeking a new venue because it draws huge crowds from around the world that have overwhelmed the San Diego Convention Center and led to ticket sales caps.

A decision on the future of Comic-Con in San Diego is expected soon. Meanwhile, conventioneers are preparing their costumes for this year’s event, July 22-25.

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