Kickstarter watch: Pop Culture Zoo editor an indie comic ‘Believer’


A longtime friend of Nerdvana is seeking support for an exciting new project.

Joseph Dilworth, creator of the entertainment news site Pop Culture Zoo and one of Nerdvana’s earliest and most enthusiastic fans, has launched a Kickstarter campaign with partner Chris Ullrich to co-write and -publish an indie comic book series called Believer.

Believer tells the story of Jack Hollenbeck, disgraced Los Angeles police detective turned tabloid reporter and occasional private investigator who is hired by a mysterious woman and her aging father to locate an an ancient object of incredible value . . . and incredible power.

The duo plans to have the first issue in a four-part mini-series out by March, with designs on film or TV adapatations using their industry connections. Find more details, pitch in if the spirit moves you and follow the project’s progress at the link below.

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