JMS taking Superman, Wonder Woman back to their roots


Superman, Wonder Woman

J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of TV’s Babylon 5 who has also had writing stints on Marvel’s Thor and The Amazing Spider-Man as well as DC’s Teen Titans comics, will take the reins of both Superman and Wonder Woman this summer.

According to a message from JMS himself posted on DC Universe’s Source blog, he’s going to try to get back to the essential cores of the iconic characters for their anniversary issues:

Coming from the world of TV and film, the first rule you learn is to service the main character more than anything else, so I’ll be writing with an eye firmly fixed on that rule.

As part of that process, we’re going to be looking more closely at how Wonder Woman appears, and functions, and her role in the DCU…and what we have planned will, we hope, come across as dynamic and powerful as she deserves to be.

Similarly, we plan to bring Superman back to his roots, to really explore who he is…how he sees us, and how we see him, in a much more personal way than we’ve seen in a while. This is part of a larger effort that will have national ramifications, but I can’t say much more about it than that for now.

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