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George Miller‘s Justice League of America movie hasn’t even been officially cast yet, and there’s already news of spin-off movies. Appropriately enough, first out of the gate is a Flash movie. Also in the works is a Green Lantern project.

On the Flash front, David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) revealed to MTV (careful, potential JLA spoilers behind that link) that he’s the latest director to helm the picture. Dobkin is now the third director to be attached. Let’s hope that the third time is the charm and the game of musical director’s chair is over for good. In these days of modern computer generated special effects, a Flash movie could be extremely cool, if done right.

Variety reports that Warner Brothers has hired TV writer-producer Greg Berlanti to direct a Green Lantern film. Berlanti will be co-writing the script along with comic-book scribes Michael Green (Batman Confidential, Superman/Batman) and Marc Guggenheim (Wolverine, Blade), so there may be hope for a good story for the ring-slinger’s movie.

Interestingly enough, Hal Jordan is reportedly the focus of Green Lantern as opposed to JLA’s John Stewart. I wonder if they’re hedging their bets or just setting up for a Green Lantern Corps movie? I guess only time will tell.

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