In Blackest Night, no marketing opportunity shall escape my sight!



Remember when your cereal choice was decided by the shiny toy contained within? DC Comics certainly remembers that marketing trick. After the super popular Black Lantern ring giveaway associated with this summer’s event comic “Blackest Night,” DC is going back to the well once more, or technically seven times more.

Comic book stores who order specific numbers of a certain titles in November will be able to purchase bags of the various Lantern factions’ rings. First up, on Nov. 4, will be the yellow Sinestro Corps ring. After that every other week will feature a different ring, orange, red, green, blue, indigo and finally violet.

DC, realizing what a great opportunity it has here, is focusing some attention on a few lesser known (and lesser selling) books including “R.E.B.E.L.S.” (for the chance to buy indigo rings), “Doom Patrol” (yellow), “Booster Gold” (orange) and “Outsiders” (violet). They’re also throwing retailers and fans a bone by including the higher profile titles of “Blackest Night” (green), “Justice League of America” (red) and “Adventure Comics” (blue) in the promotion.

“Blackest Night” already seems to be succeeding on its own even without the gimmicks, but I suppose a little more hype never hurts.

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