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predator-tagIt has been announced that director Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Sin City) has been selected to restart the ‘Predator’ franchise with a new movie entitled ‘Predators’. After two solo films, the intergalactic big-game hunters were last seen in the lackluster, but profitable ‘Aliens vs. Predator’ movies. Judging by the title, the flick may be following the path of the ‘Alien’ series of and ramping up the number of alien antagonists. Personally, I’d like to see them follow one of the excellent comic-book storylines by Dark Horse, but I love Rodriguez and am intrigued to see what he’s got up his sleeve. He’s finished with the script and will add the project to the ever-increasing list of movies that he is attached to including Red Sonja, Sin City 2 and Nerveracker.

If that’s not enough to keep him busy, in June Rodriguez hopes to begin work on ‘Machete.’  This film was  first seen as one of the fake trailers during ‘Grindhouse,’ Rodriguez’s double-feature pairing with Quentin Tarantino. Danny Trejo will reprise his role from the trailer as a Mexican tough-guy wielding the titular weapon in a quest for revenge after being betrayed by a corrupt senator. As cool as ‘Predators’ sounds, I have to say ‘Machete’ could be even cooler. The trailer was one of the best parts of ‘Grindhouse,’ which is high praise indeed.

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Chris Adams
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