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ant-manCould Disney’s recent four billion dollar acquisition of Marvel be bearing fruit already? That’s the latest rumor spurred on by a line in the most recent issue of “Entertainment Weekly.” In it, EW writes “Pixar is said to already be eyeballing an Ant-Man movie.”

With the right to so many of Marvel’s higher profile franchises tied up by other studios, it makes sense that some second-tier heroes would seriously considered at for their own films. And an “Ant-Man” movie has been in the works for a while now, with writer/director Edgar Wright wrapping up a second pass on the screenplay. While hardly strong evidence either way, this is more than enough to get fans buzzing (or whatever noise ants make).

If this is true, it has the potential to be the greatest geek collaboration in quite a while. The mind can only tremble at the thought of a script written (and possibly directed by) Wright (Shaun of the Dead, the upcoming Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) and augmented with special effects from the greatest animation studio around, Pixar. Not since peanut butter and chocolate met has there been such a delicious combination.

It’s far too early to say anything for sure. There would be sizable hurdles in such a collaboration. Pixar is known for working in-house and using original creations. Wright’s sense of humor and writing is much coarser than anything Pixar has been associated with in the past. But just that such possibilities are out there now is enough to give the Disney/Marvel partnership a thumbs-up for now.

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