How Atomic Comics came to ‘Kick-Ass’

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Atomic Comics in Kick-Ass

As Nerdvana alumnus Chris “KeL” Adams wrote in January, Valley comic book chain Atomic Comics is featured heavily in the upcoming superhero movie Kick-Ass, adapted from the comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

On the store’s official blog, owner Mike Malve describes how that sweet name placement came about:

Most people will just attribute the fact that I sold my soul to Mark Millar for that privilege. But the truth is that I have been friends with Mark for years and a big supporter of all his past comic works. Mark has always treated his friends well and gave me one of the best gifts I could ever receive. He’s always been great to comic retailers as he promotes comic shops and names of people he knows in his books.

You can read more of the story, and find out what Malve thinks of the movie due out April 16, at the store’s website.

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