Holy TV prequel, Batman! CW’s ‘Graysons’ to center on young Robin

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DC Comics' Robin the Boy Wonder
Robin, the Boy Wonder (DC Comics)

The CW will produce The Graysons, a prequel series that will be to Batman’s sidekick Robin what Smallville is to Superman. The show will follow the exploits of the as-yet-uncast Dick Grayson during his formative years, as he grows into the man who will become the Boy Wonder.

The Flying Graysons were a circus acrobatic troupe until the parents were murdered and young Dick was orphaned, eventually to be adopted and trained by billionaire Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

If Smallville wraps up, The Graysons could carry the young superhero torch — and if it continues, what a dynamic duo the two series might make for the struggling network!

(via Variety)

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