Han Solo getting his own comic series, big-screen origin story with a certain Wookiee

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Star Wars Han Solo #1

Don’t get excited, as the old scoundrel would say, but Marvel Comics has announced a new comic series starring none other than Han Solo. You know, the guy who made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs? (Some say 14.)

Han Solo #1 comes out in June from Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks. Check out a synopsis below, along with a couple preview pages and cover by Lee Bermejo.

Han Solo has finally entered his ship into the Dragon Void Run – an infamous high-stakes race across the stars. You know, the race Han has dreamt of winning. Only there’s a catch – his entry into this legendary race is a top-secret undercover mission for Princess Leia and the Rebellion! Will he keep his mind on the mission? More importantly – can he manage to pull it off while still maintaining his lead in the race?!

Beyond the splash page, word has just come out of Disney that 2018’s planned big-screen, Solo-centric “Star Wars Anthology” story will include the mighty Chewbacca and serve as an “origin story,” presumably telling how the smuggler and the Wookiee met.

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