‘Green Lantern’ has the will

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We’ve gotten away from doing movie reviews here on Nerdvana, but that’s not a conscious decision, just the effect of “real life” getting in the way a bit too much.

Oh, look — Green Lantern is out! Here are my observations:

  • Ryan Reynolds is every bit as charismatic as he should be as Lantern-in-training Hal Jordan, and fits the irresponsible and irreverent hero mold perfectly.
  • Peter Sarsgaard is compelling in poor Hector Hammond’s journey from disappointing scion of a senator to pitiful villain.
  • Temeura Morrison is inspiring as Abin Sur, and Mark Strong chews the scenery as Sinestro, the villain in waiting. (Shhh!)
  • Blake Lively is smokin’ as Carol Ferris, and is so much more than a damsel in distress — she is the source of Hal’s strength as he finally becomes the Green Lantern Sector 2814 needs him to be.
  • Michael Clarke Duncan and Geoffrey Rush put in entertaining and memorable, if brief, performances as the voices of Lantern trainers Kilowog and Tomar-Re, respectively.
  • Tim Robbins is suitably smarmy as Senator Hammond. Boo, hiss!
  • Don’t jump out of your seat too soon into the end credits — you’ll miss a vital scene that fulfills the destiny of a key character in the Green Lantern mythos.
  • The 3-D in Green Lantern just seems superfluous — sure, the effect is generally cool, especially when it comes to the ring constructs. But so much of the movie takes place in the void of space that the perspective is lost, and the wispy etherealness of it all is as annoying as the lens flare in Star Trek. The movie’s villain, the enormous space parasite Parallax, is visually dynamic, but his rendering in three dimensions is not really as impressive as it should have been.
  • But enough about me — what did you think of the movie?

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