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A new poster has been released for The Dark Knight. The sequel to Batman Begins, hitting theaters this summer, brings back director Christopher Nolan, stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and ups the ante by introducing Heath Ledger as the clown prince of crime, the Joker.

The image emerged after a recent blitz of viral marketing. The campaign actually began over the summer at the San Diego Comic-Con. If you’re as big a fan of these ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) as I am, there’s a wiki with a well put together timeline and explanation of all of the steps so far in the game.

If the poster isn’t enough to satisfy your thirst for all things caped crusader, a new teaser trailer should be showing in front of I Am Legend when it opens on Dec. 14th. And if you want even MORE Gotham-y goodness, reports that IMAX screenings of I Am Legend will feature the 7 minute opening scene of The Dark Knight. If a film version of one of the coolest vampire stories ever wasn’t enough motivation to convince you to see IAL, now you’ve got one more great reason to check it out.

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