Free comic books! Sorta.


Marvel has begun a new program of posting complete digital version of five comics on their website each week. While I remain partial to the real world dead trees version of comics, this is a great opportunity to check out some titles from the comfort of your own home.

Of this week’s selection, while the Deadpool issue isn’t too shabby, I highly recommend 1602 #1 by comic powerhouses Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert. I’d also suggest checking out Ultimate Spider-Man #129 next week by the almost-as-good team of Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen.

Even if you’ve never read Ultimate Spider-Man (or any Spider-Man!) before, it will give you a strong sense of what the book is about without needing to know everyone’s backstory. Besides, Marvel has recently pushed the reset button in the Ultimate Universe and it’s a great time to jump on board if you’ve been thinking about it.

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