DC to mimic Marvel’s movie method?

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dc-logo.jpgAfter seeing their cross-town rival, Marvel, score two sizable hits this summer in The Incredible Hulk ($130 million dollars at the box office) and Iron Man ($313 million, good enough for 22nd on the all time list), DC Comics and its parent company Warner Brothers appear to be reconsidering their plans on movies featuring characters from the DC Universe.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC, WB and top creative talent from DC such as Jim Lee, have been meeting to discuss a new direction. This direction is “one that not only sees the DC characters emerge with a higher priority but also one that would see them developed with an overarching goal in mind.”

Now this is just awesome. I’m much more of Marvel Zombie than a DC fan, but if DC is looking to expand their universe in the film world beyond Superman and Batman, you can sign me up. I’d love to see the DCU become a shared universe, as Marvel is doing with their cinematic crossovers. DC has dozens and dozens of properties that would make excellent movies, Justice League of America, Teen Titans, Green Arrow, the Flash, Green Lantern…the list is nigh endless.

Most of these are even languishing in some stage of development hell at Hollywood studios. If WB/DC are finally going to take charge and attempt to counter Marvel’s slate of Avengers-themed movies (Captain America, Ant-Man, Thor and The Avengers) the next couple of years could be a great time for comic book and movie fans

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