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Having been successful once, DC Comics is going back to the well for another ring promotion. This time around DC is allowing retailers who purchase 10 copies of April’s The Flash #1 or Green Lantern #53 to order Flash and Green Lantern promotional rings. This seems to be an answer to Marvel’s recent efforts to steal DC’s thunder with retail promotions of their own.

Only needing to order 10 copies of the books sets the bar pretty low, much lower than the Blackest Night offer, where retailers had to purchase 25 or even 50 copies to get the rings.  This should ensure that the rings are much more abundant than the spectrum of Lantern rings.

I have mixed feelings about the rings this time around. I’m definitely looking forward to that Flash ring. It’s nice to see DC going outside the box a bit with a somewhat obscure choice. Though not quite as well known as the rings of the Green Lantern Corps, it’s important to the character. The ring is where The Flash stores his costume when he’s off-duty. The paint job on it looks pretty nice too.

As for the other ring, it’s somewhat disappointing that the Green Lantern ring looks to be the exact same as the one that was already released. It seems like they could have put just a bit more effort into that half of the promo. I’m not going to complain though since it should allow me to easily expand my collection of Green Lantern rings. This is nice because I still need quite a few of them for a costume idea I have.

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Chris Adams
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