DC Comics going Hollywood?


dc-entertainmentAfter the recent shake-ups in DC Comics, rumors of even more changes are in the wind. Bleeding Cool and other news sites are reporting that DC may be vacating their New York offices and moving to California. For now, it remains just a rumor, but there are several reasons why such a move would make sense.

With the recent reorganization, parent company Time-Warner has placed DC Comics under their film division. This reflects the growing influence that comic book movies have garnered in recent years. DC is considered a development house for potential movies. What better place to work on possible film ideas than Los Angeles?

DC also owns Wildstorm Productions, a comic publisher also based out of southern California. Being able to consolidate Wildstorm offices with DC’s would certainly be a benefit of relocating. Perhaps more importantly, Jim Less is one of the names that has been bandied about to replace Paul Levitz, the departing DC president and publisher. Lee is the founder and editorial director of Wildstorm. Not having to move to New York would certainly be a perk if he were indeed picked to head up the new DC Comics.

Personally, I hope it doesn’t happen. I don’t see any real benefit to the industry for DC to pull up stakes. With both major comic book companies based in New York City, it has resulted in frequent cross-pollination of talent and employees. This competition has benefited both companies and the fans. If DC moves, that would certainly hamper that spirit. Also, it would ruin my vacation plans of visiting Marvel and DC next time I’m in NYC.

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Scott Kirchhofer
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