Updated: Comic book fire sale at Amazon!


Update: Well, I hope you were checking out Nerdvana early this morning since it looks like the opportunity has passed. Amazon finally got wise to what was happening and has corrected the prices on the various collections. It remains to be seen what will happen to those who managed to sneak their orders in before the price corrections. Some people are reporting that their orders have shipped, so at least a few people will make out like bandits.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon sends out a wave of cancellation e-mails on orders that went through, but haven’t shipped yet. Expecting them to follow through on the more than 85% off sale is probably unreasonable. I’ve still got my fingers crossed though!

Even if the sales don’t go through, I have to say that it was a beautiful sight to see comic books in 17 of the 20 spots on Amazon’s best-selling books list. I have no idea how long this will last, but if you’re a comic book fan you need to follow this link to Amazon right now! They’re selling some incredible collections at a huge discount.

I know, I know you’re skeptical. You want examples? Okay, how’s this:

Ultimates Omnibus, collection both of the Millar/Hitch runs and the first Ultimates annual, that’s 27 issues in a hardcover format for $8.24.

Wolverine Omnibus 1, almost key issues 40 issues by countless awesome creators, also in hardcover for $8.24.

Daredevil Omnibuses by Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev and Ed Brubaker, both with 20+ issues in hardcover for $8.24.

The Complete Invincible Library, over 750 pages of one of the best superhero comics around, a collection that usually goes for $125 is $15!

Stop reading this and get over there on the hop and start buying!

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Chris Adams
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