Classic Comic Cover Corner (Government Shutdown Edition) – Dennis the Menace in Washington

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“Dennis the Menace in Washington, D.C.”
Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series
#116 – 1973

Cover Art by Hank Ketcham

Dennis the Menace in Washington, D.C.
Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series #116 – 1973
“Dennis the Menace in Washington, D.C.”

With the recent government shutdown and budget crisis in Washington, you’d think that our government was being run by a bunch of bratty kids. Well, as you can see from the cover Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series #116 (1973), it wouldn’t be the first time.

In “Dennis the Menace in Washington, D.C.,” the Mitchell family takes a vacation to our nation’s capital and enjoys touring the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, the White House and all of the other historical sites. Unfortunately, if the family had planned their trip for this last week, it would have turned into the worst vacation ever as most of those locations would have been closed.

If you’ve ever wondered what Dennis the Menace grew up to be, I think a US Congressman would be a good guess.

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