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Flash #217 – September, 1972

Cover art by Nick Cardy

Flash #217 - September, 1972
Flash #217 – September, 1972

Since it was announced last July that The Flash would be appearing on the next season of the CW’s (Green) Arrow television series, there has been much speculation about who would be playing the scarlet speedster on the small screen. Well, it was finally announced last week that Glee star, Grant Gustin, has been tapped to play the part of the Flash/Barry Allen.

Actors Matt Barr and James Mackay were also rumored to be up for the role of Barry Allen, and my honest first reaction is that either of them (especially Barr) would have at least looked the part better than Gustin does, who seems to be a little young and skinny for the role. But here’s hoping he pulls it off and eventually gets his own series – which is rumored if Flash goes over well on the Arrow show.

The speculation over who would get the Flash role reminded me of the classic cover from The Flash #217, where, in a story, titled, “The Flash Times Five Is Fatal,” penned by the legendary Len Wein, the fastest man alive is split into five heroes. Coincidentally, this classic book also contains a Green Arrow/Green Lantern story, “The Killing of an Archer,” by the super-creative team of Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams.

The Green Arrow’s main super-squeeze, the Black Canary, is also, allegedly, going to play a part in the new season of Arrow, but it seems a little odd that the Flash is being introduced before his usual partner, the Green Lantern. (I’m guessing maybe there are legal complications with the Ryan Reynolds film.) Let’s hope CBS and Warner Bros. (the CW) know what they are doing and not just rushing to try and compete with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.

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