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Amazing Spider-Man #70 – March, 1969

Cover art by John Romita Sr.

Amazing Spider-Man #70 - March, 1969
Amazing Spider-Man #70 – March, 1969

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has always had trouble with the law, but this week truth, once again, proved to be stranger than fiction as a college student (with a remarkable resemblance to Peter Parker) became Pittsburgh’s “most wanted” fugitive.

In a scene that could have been lifted straight off the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #70, college student Jonathan Hewson allegedly entered a Pittsburgh convenience store and demanded money before running off, later to be apprehended by police. [See the video story HERE.]

We’re sure there must be a logical reason for this, like Aunt May needing money for life-saving surgery, or maybe the wall-crawler was captured and hypnotized by Mysterio, then sent off to do the villain’s evil bidding. Surely Spidey would never actually “break bad.” Hopefully this is all a big misunderstanding, just like in the original ASM #70 story, “Spider-Man Wanted,” which was penned by Stan Lee.

If this imposter is guilty, and from the video he appears to be, shame on him for tarnishing the web-slinger’s name – the poor guy’s got enough bad luck as it is.

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