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Filmmaker/author/comic book writer/all-around funny guy Kevin Smith will be coming to Phoenix as part of his spring speaking tour. He’ll take the stage 7 p.m. Saturday, April 10, at the Orpheum Theatre, 203 W. Adams St. in Phoenix.

Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster for $56-$66. The tickets certainly aren’t cheap, but if you’re a fan of Smith and have never seen him speak, I would highly recommend it. His hilarious question-and-answer talks about his rocky road to fame never fail to draw overflow crowds at comic book conventions across the country.

Smith is perhaps best known for his black-and-white independent film Clerks, which he partially funded by selling his comic book collection. The slacker comedy went on to become a hit, riding the independent film surge of the ’90s, propelling Smith to success (and allowing him to repurchase his comics). He’s since made several films on his way to becoming a geek icon.

Since Clerks hit big, Smith has pretty much lived the nerd dream life. He did a series of shorts for “The Tonight Show”, he has his own comic book store and even had a primetime animated series that was killed off far too quickly. He’s had numerous high-profile assignments writing characters for both Marvel and DC Comics, with mostly positive results. Smith is often pointed to as the trailblazer for the comic industry’s current fixation with snagging Hollywood talent to pen their monthly superhero titles.

Smith’s next film, Cop Out, stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as a pair of police detectives in search of a stolen baseball card and opens in theaters Feb. 26.

He’s recently been in the headlines due to his public relations war with Southwest after being ejected off of a flight.

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