Captain America returns!

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cap big banner
Captain America #34 cover, with a new costume designed by Alex Ross

Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) was shot and killed on his way to trial last March following the events of Civil War. The Marvel Universe hasn’t been the same since. Today, Marvel announced the star-spangled Avenger will return to the Marvel Universe in Captain America #34 (due January 16), though it won’t be Steve Rodgers under the mask. Check out the full story here. Marvel tapped Alex Ross, one of the greatest comic book artists ever (I’m a big fan), to give old Cap a new costume. Ross is a master at not only bringing a classic and realistic, Norman Rockwellian style to comic book characters, but also reimagining them in exciting and cool ways (I told you I was a big fan). Check out his website to see for yourself.

cap sketches
New Captain America design by Alex Ross. All images courtesy of Marvel Comics.

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