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Tales of Suspense: 6 reasons to get excited about Civil War film

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Captain America was featured in Marvel’s Tales of Suspense from #58 to #100, when it became his own self-titled book.
Captain America was featured in Marvel’s Tales of Suspense from #58 to #100, when it became his own self-titled book.

The Captain America: Civil War film is now less than one week away from hitting movie theaters and the anticipation is more unbearable than a classic tune being used to sell ketchup! So while we’re waiting for that clock to tick down we thought we’d share some of our tales of suspense (as it were.) Here’s what we can’t wait to see in the new Cap film:

(NOTE: We haven’t seen the movie yet, nevertheless the following speculation contains potential spoilers!)

Spider-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

After decades of dreaming about it we’re finally going to see Spidey on the big screen interacting with the other characters from the Marvel Universe. Only those who have been lifelong fans of ol’ webhead, who have witnessed more years of legal wrangling for film rights than actual Spider-Man movies, can truly appreciate the magnitude of this amazing event.

Back in the day the monthly Marvel Team-Up comic title would feature Spider-Man joining forces with another hero from the Marvel Universe and was typically one of the most entertaining books in the publisher’s arsenal; and the team-ups contributed greatly in the expansion of their fictional world. Lawyers de damned to Hades, this is THE moment fans have been waiting for forever!

Tales of Suspense #70 featuring Iron Man and Captain AmeriaPolitical timeliness

In our very real world of fear-mongering politicians, with persecution of minority groups and government overreach into our personal lives, the timeliness of Captain America: Civil War could not be more perfect. It’s almost as if Marvel Studios created our current political climate just to promote their film. (Wait a minute…let’s check to make sure they are not responsible for any Super-PACs!) It will be fascinating to observe how the film’s fiction parallels our reality.

Time for Captain America to shine

The character of Captain America has always embodied the best that our country has to offer, doing what’s right for its citizens, but not necessarily what the government desires, despite his military rank and oath of duty.

When it comes to truth, justice and the American Way, I put Cap on the same playing field with Superman (the real Supes, not the guy in the last couple of Warner Bros. movies.) Steve Rogers is a hero’s hero and I’m looking forward to watching him take the high road in the Civil War conflict.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

If you are familiar with Marvel Comics’ Civil War story (and its related subsequent plotlines) then you know that things do not fare well for our favorite star-spangled Captain. The big question is, will Cap live through this film? And if not, then how will he die? If the worst happens, then who will replace him? Bucky? The Falcon?

Tales of Suspense #98 featuring Captain Ameria and Iron ManWelcome to Wakanda

Although I’m not sure whether we’ll get a glimpse of the fictional country of Wakanda in this movie, we’re definitely going to be introduced to its fearless leader, T’Challa, also known as the Black Panther.

Long before the likes of Marvel’s Falcon or Luke Cage, the Panther was already kicking butt and breaking stereotypes in the pages of Fantastic Four and The Avengers. He’s the first big-time black superhero and his appearance is long overdue.

Known unknowns

As is often the case with Marvel movies, the most exciting parts are the things they’ve managed to keep secret and that we don’t know about in advance. Like will Ant-Man’s counterpart, the Wasp, make an appearance in this film? What about Giant-Man? How about Wonder Man? (We know he was an Avenger AND that he’s going to be in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2.) Is Spidey going to reveal his identity to the world (as his does in the Civil War comics), and if so, how will that affect the upcoming solo Spidey film?

We could play Marvel ‘What If?’ all day, but one thing is certain, come Friday, May 6, we know our butts are going to be buried in popcorn and awesomeness.

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