‘Batman R.I.P.’ arc concludes – and a hero’s ‘final fate’ is written


BATMAN 681 DC COMICS Grant MorrisonRumors have been flying about the end of DC’s “Batman R.I.P.” arc [PDF checklist] by writer Grant Morrison. The action comes to a head in Batman #681, due out a week from today (Nov. 26). Sandman writer Neil Gaiman is expected to pen a two-part tribute to the character next year.

The buzz is that Bruce Wayne is done, one way or the other, and that he will be succeeded in wearing the cape and cowl by either Dick Grayson (the first Robin and now vigilante Nightwing), Tim Drake (the third and current Robin) or young Damian Wayne, Bruce’s child with Talia al Ghul. DC is also canceling its Nightwing, Robin and Birds of Prey titles. Is that a clue as to the identity of Wayne’s possible successor?

Lots of comic book heroes have “died.” DC’s “Death of Superman” rocked the comics world in the early ’90s — and the Man of Steel returned better than ever. And Captain America was assassinated following Marvel’s recent “Civil War” arc, but he, too, is back after a fashion.

One thing is for sure: Whatever DC has planned for Gotham’s savior, it will be exciting to watch events — and their aftermath — unfold.

Image and preview blurb courtesy DC Comics

Batman #681: This is it – “Batman R.I.P.” concludes here! The final, heartrending confrontation between Bruce Wayne and Jezebel Jet. The final fate of The Dark Knight. And the horrifying and shocking truth behind the Black Glove. With The Joker, the Club of Villains, Robin, Damian, plus an ending you’ll never see coming – this one has it all!

By Grant Morrison; Art by Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea; Cover by Alex Ross; Variant cover by Tony Daniel

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