Bane on a plane: Say what?

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The Dark Knight RisesTwenty years ago when originally reading the Batman: Knightfall story arc, wherein the character of Bane breaks the Caped Crusader’s back, I never really thought about how someone with a weird S&M mask over their mouth would be able to talk in real life. Unfortunately, the six minute Dark Knight Rises preview that is currently running with the IMAX version of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol answers that question – and the result is that I don’t know what the heck this guy is saying.

The six minutes of footage that is allegedly the first scene in the upcoming Batman film is a stunning action-packed sequence that shows the craziest airplane abduction stunt you will probably ever see. Director Christopher Nolan seems to be developing a thing for low-gravity action (see Inception). But the six-minute introduction to the villainous Bane leaves sixty unanswered questions, top among them, “Are they going to have subtitles so we can understand Bane – or are his garbled words part of a plan to distract the Dark Knight?” Or maybe Warner Bros. is doing this on purpose to try and bring fans back for multiple viewings, just to figure out the dialogue.

I can’t really say what was going on in this preview, not because it would spoil anything, but because I just don’t know. It was a cool and very intense piece of befuddled action. I can’t recommend going to the IMAX just to see the Dark Knight preview, but if you are a Mission Impossible fan anyway, it’s certainly worth upgrading to the giant screen as Ghost Protocol is a fun and entertaining addition to the Tom Cruise franchise and the Batman intro is just geek gravy.

There is also a very cool new Dark Knight Rises trailer that is currently playing in theaters before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and/or the new Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows movies. I thought this trailer was actually more fun than the IMAX preview and it teases an incredible football game terrorist sequence that shows the new Bat-Flick means serious business.

In the Phoenix metro area, The Dark Knight Rises six-minute preview is currently playing only at the Harkins Arizona Mills IMAX theater.

Watch the latest official trailer for the movie below:

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