Atomic Comics’ Metrocenter store moving to new digs


Atomic Comics’ location at Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix is moving from a rather depressing and lonely spot in the inner circle that surrounds the mall to a new location right on Peoria Avenue. Click through for a map that clearly illustrates the change.

Atomic’s new neighbors will be Subway and Starbucks, as well as Cold Stone Creamery and SuperCuts. This beats the empty husk of a dead Cost Plus and Whataburger.

The move is expected to be complete by late March or early April. This will be at least the second move for the Metro store: Until refurbishment of the area several years ago, Atomic had been hidden away between an old movie theater, costume shop and Coomer’s craft mall, behind where Mimi’s Cafe now stands (then Pancho’s Mexican Buffet).

Atomic Comics Metrocenter Phoenix

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