Atomic Comics invites local talent in to set up shop

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Atomic Comics is giving Valley comic book creators a venue to show off their work — and to sell it, too.

The Phoenix-area chain of comic stores has a monthly event called Bizarre Bazaar that spotlights one local creator. Arizona creators can reserve a free table and keep all the proceeds from sales they make at the event.

A little untraditional for a store that makes its profit from selling comics, perhaps, but they have a reason. After all, they’re in the business of comics because they like, well, comics.

“The biggest reason I do it is my love for comics,” says owner Mike Malve. “Everyting we do at Atomic comes from that first. But the locals here in town have always been great supporters of Atomic and I was looking for an event that could capture that spirit of ‘Hey, I create comics’ … give a place for all these very talented locals to come every month. Showcase their talents and in turn encourage others who have the desire to try a place to do so.”

The creators aren’t the only winners, of course. It’s a chance for Valley residents to get out and meet the artists who live around them, whether they’re writers or illustrators or both.

This month’s artist is Jeff Piña, whose character Dr. Oblivion tackles topics such as weekend vacations, prom and teenage dating. He’ll be setting up shop at the Mesa location of Atomic Comics, on the northwest corner of Country Club Drive and Southern Avenue.

If you want to reserve a spot in the Bizarre Bazaar, e-mail

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