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Kick-Ass comic book, written by Mark Millar, art by John Romita, Jr., published by Marvel Comics as part of that company’s Icon imprintThe movie adaptation of Kick-Ass, a comic book under Marvel’s Icon imprint, is filming now with stars Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Aaron Johnson and Dave Lizewski — and the Valley’s own Atomic Comics. The store, which has locations in Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley and Phoenix, says it will be the comic shop seen in the film.

There’s no word yet on which location will feature in the film, but if you head on over to the store’s Atomic Fallout blog you can catch a pic from the set. Does anyone recognize which store it is? Or is it just a studio set inspired by a real one? You can bet I’ll be asking the guys at Atomic the first chance I get.

Kick-Ass, a satire of the comic book and superhero phenomena from writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr., is a relative newcomer to stands. It follows the adventures of a 15-year-old comic book fan who decides one day to become the world’s first real-life superhero/crime fighter. The main character doesn’t have any special powers, just a homemade costume and lots of enthusiasm.

Matthew Vaughn is directing and co-writing Kick-Ass with Jane Goldman


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