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Saturday is more than just the first day of May. It’s also the first Saturday in May — which means it’s Free Comic Book Day!

Comic books began as a way for publishers to make money from idle printing presses by reprinting newspaper comic strips, but they have clearly taken on a life of their own. The industry celebrates this success each year and tries to bring new readers into the fold.

Free Comic Book DayLocal participants include Atomic Comics, Samurai Comics, All About Books and Comics, Greg’s Comics and more. You can find a participating location near you using the Free Comic Book Day store locator. Generally the rule is one freebie per person, but I’ve encountered stores in my cross-town treks that offer three per person, in addition to their own specials. Check with each store for their rules and offerings.

Titles this year include favorites such as Superman, Shrek, Archie, Buzz Lightyear, G.I. JOE, Sonic the Hedgehog, Green Hornet, The Tick, Iron Man and more. You can get some Nerdvana picks in a post from late last year, or peruse the full list at the event’s official website.

Also available at the event will be an “eco-friendly” shopping bag featuring the FCBD logo, with reinforced handles and bottoms, as well as the first-ever commemorative T-shirt.

Don’t forget to return to Nerdvana with tales of your Free Comic Book Day adventure, and to share what you got and why. You can leave a comment, or leave a shout out on Twitter or Facebook!

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