Archie’s choice: Some questions just shouldn’t be answered

Image: Archie Comics

Betty or Veronica?

Archie Comics is entering dangerous territory with a six-issue story arc that answers that question for carrot-topped everyman Archie Andrews.

For decades the hapless high schooler has been town between sweet, blond girl-next-door Betty and raven-haired heiress Veronica. Now he will propose to one of them in next week’s issue No. 600, and twins aren’t far behind.

After the miniseries, the gang will magically return to their innocent youth.

But the damage may have been done.

News of Archie’s fateful decision has prompted one Texas comic book store owner to sell his prized mint copy of Archie No. 1 in protest. Though it may have more to do with the economic downturn, Dave Luebke swears his outrage is real — and says 99 percent of his customers agree that the identity of the future Mrs. Archibald Andrews is a disappointment.


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