And you thought your job was bad…

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Here’s a story to make you feel better about your job. The AP is reporting that workers cleaning up Washington’s Hanford nuclear reactor have come across radioactive wasp nests. The wasps constructed the hives out of “fairly highly contaminated” mud containing radioactive cesium and cobalt. While most of the wasps have moved out, there could be thousands of nests to be cleaned out. This just goes to show that no matter how bad your job is, it can always get worse.

On the bright side, there’s always the chance of gaining super-powers. A bite from a radioactive arachnid was enough to give Peter Parker spectacular spider powers. Just imagine what cool abilities you could get from being stung by an irradiated mud-dauber wasp. Though aside from the always awesome flight abilities, I can’t really think of any other wasp powers I would really want. Okay, maybe there isn’t a bright side to this.

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