Amazing Arizona Comics presents: The Swing Vote of Sheriff Ape-aio!


In the spirit of President Obama, E.T., Nerdvana is proud to present the latest daily Amazing Arizona Comics serial, “The Swing Vote of Sheriff Ape-aio!”

Inspired by Nerdvana columnist Bob Leeper’s love of comics starring apes, “Swing Vote” begins with a full color Sunday funnies-style strip and will run with a black and white daily every day this week, ending next Sunday in another full-color finale!  That’s right, it’s just like Dick Tracy — but with Sheriff Joe, and more headline-inspired twists than a barrel full of — oh, you get the point.

Continuity note: You may recognize that transformation equipment from Traffic Cody’s origin in Speed Cameron’s California Adventure . . . Coincidence?  I think not!

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