Amazing Arizona Comics presents: The Swing Vote of Sheriff Ape-aio! (part 8)

Comics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

At last, here is the surprising conclusion to Nerdvana’s week-long comic strip event, The Swing Vote of Sheriff Ape-aio!  Who would’ve thought that Jan Brewer’s and Clint Eastwood’s bouts of craziness at the RNC, the fallout of SB 1070, Ben Quayle’s dip in the Sea of Galilee, the end of the DOJ’s investigation into Sheriff Arpaio’s office, and the Phoenix Suns seeking a new gorilla would all be related?!  Three words: Only in Arizona.

For more on Earth-1070, check out Amazing Arizona Comics #7, coming out later this month.  Follow the issue at KaraokeFanboy Press and right here on Nerdvana.

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