Amazing Arizona Comics presents ‘The Origin of Sam Brero!’


Welcome to the first part of Nerdvana’s summer-long “Amazing Arizona Comics Webcomics Wednesdays!” Visit every Wednesday in June for a different “Amazing Arizona Comics” adventure, leading up to the new Nerdvana-exclusive strip “Speed Cameron’s California Adventure,” running through July and August.

This week, we kick off with “The Origin of Sam Brero,” the proverbial He-Man of the Arizonauts team. Sam doesn’t hold aloft a power sword, though; he dons an alien sombrero, just one of many off-the-map artifacts in Arizona. Next week: Sam Brero meets Family Fun Bot in Tucson!

Also, please visit KaraokeFanboy Press for the latest episode in my podcast series — it’s only 20 minutes and discusses the recent Green Lantern-is-gay story, and the importance of marketing comic books. Feel free to continue the discussion by swinging by my table at downtown Mesa’s Second Friday this weekend!

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