Amazing Arizona Comics presents: ‘Speed Cameron’s California Adventure!’ (Part 4)


Welcome back to Nerdvana’s Webcomics Wednesdays, and to the long-awaited final chapter of Speed Cameron’s California Adventure!   Who — or what — is Traffic Cody?  Will Speed Cameron ever return to Arizona!  These answers, and more, await you!

On a personal note, I lived in California for 12 years, and this story was a fun way to revisit some of my favorite haunts (though I’ve still never been to Dead Celebrity Island).  I’d be remiss not to thank my wife for her patience as I’ve spent many nights this summer at the drawing board, so — thank you, baby!

If you’d like to read the further adventures of Speed Cameron and the Arizonauts, visit KaraokeFanboy Press to pick up issues 1-6 of Amazing Arizona Comics!  Issue 7, starring June Monsoon, will drop next month.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more Webcomics Wednesdays this fall!

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