Amazing Arizona Comics presents: ‘Speed Cameron’s California Adventure!’ (Part 2)

Comics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Welcome back to Nerdvana’s Webcomics Wednesdays, and to the second chapter of Speed Cameron’s California Adventure! What peril lurks on Dead Celebrity Island? Read below to find out!

Page 1 was colored by Frank O’Rourke (check out his DeviantArt!) and the rest by yours truly. Special thanks to Brent Otey, one of California’s premiere cartoonists; visit his art blog and behold his latest sketchbook series, “After the Apocalypse!” That should hold you over until . . .

Next time: If Speed Cameron and the Californauts survive, how will they ever overcome the relentless equality of San Francisco’s super-group — Affirmative Action?! Find out on July 25!

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