Amazing Arizona Comics presents: ‘Speed Cameron’s California Adventure!’ (Part 1)

Comics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Welcome back to Nerdvana’s Webcomics Wednesdays, and the first chapter of the long-awaited Speed Cameron’s California Adventure! This four-part story will reveal the nationwide influence of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s secret super deputy program, “The Arizonauts Initiative,” and how its premiere participant, Speed Cameron, found himself by heading West, just like the country’s pioneers. The events in this first issue follow the revelations of Amazing Arizona Comics #6, available now at KaraokeFanboy Press!

This story is brilliantly colored by Frank O’Rourke, a local comic book artist, whose work I highly recommend both on Facebook and DeviantArt. That should hold you over until:

Next Time: “Twilight On Dead Celebrity Island!” Coming July 11, 2012!

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