Amazing Arizona Comics Online – Super Bowl Edition: June Monsoon vs. The Fair Weather Fan!

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Usually every Friday, the week’s worth of Amazing Arizona Comics Online will be posted here for your reading enjoyment!  Of course, please visit the site for ongoing commentary, opportunities to win original art, and a jump on next Friday’s compilation. Words and pictures by Russ Kazmierczak, Jr., and colors by Kyle Kazmierczak.

This week’s post celebrates the Super Bowl’s arrival to the Valley, with a newly colored strip that pits our hero June Monsoon against the Fair Weather Fan.  This strip was drawn a few years ago, but funny how the Arizona Cardinals disappointing their fans is something of a consistent theme . . .

Fair Weather 1 Lettered

Fair Weather 2 Lettered Fair Weather 3 Lettered
Fair Weather 4 Lettered
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10 Cover

Here and there ...

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Russ Kazmierczak Jr.
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