Action Comics #1,000,000


In a blow to all those who’ve have their old comics thrown away by an uncaring mother, a copy of Action Comics #1 was sold for $1 million dollars in a private sale orchestrated by

The 1938 comic features the first appearance of Superman and is in strikingly good condition, being graded as an 8.0 on the CGC scale. The rare book is one of only around 100 that are known to still exist in the world.

Though this sale set a new record for sales price of a comic book, it may not stand for long. There’s another copy of Action Comics #1, graded even higher at 8.5, that is being bandied about for sale.

Man, I just need someone to destroy almost every copy of X-Men from the 1990s and I’ll be able to finance my retirement with my collection.

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Chris Adams
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