‘Wizard of Oz’ restored and converted to 3D, or ‘If Warner Bros. only had a brain’

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The Wizard of Oz (Warner Bros.)

It has been announced by the Warner Bros. movie studio that for the 75th anniversary of the The Wizard of Oz they are restoring the film to its original brisk Technicolor brilliance, and also, in a move that works perfectly with L. Frank Baum’s world of surreal fantasy, they are also converting the film to 3D … thus defeating the purpose of restoring the film in the first place.

Let me explain.

It has been proved in 3D film after 3D film that a combination of misguided (or lackadaisical) theater presentation (i.e. lack of proper luminance in the auditorium’s projector lamp), coupled with the dark glasses you must wear in order to achieve the 3D effect, equals a picture that is dark, muddy, lacking contrast and an annoying distraction for any discerning moviegoer. So why in the world would you restore a film’s color and then destroy your efforts by showing it through a wicked layer of flying -monkey poo? Does the Wizard have any sort of trinket that symbolizes insanity?

It’s time Hollywood (and theaters) started focusing on improving their technology and presentation quality practices instead of spending their time trying to pull a “pinhead” trick on moviegoers who have been suckered into a Wizard-like scam of smoke & mirrors. Of course, they’re not forcing anyone to see this film in the oxymoron (restored/3D) version, and I’ll certainly pass on it when it has its one week run this coming September.

Will you go see the restored Wizard of Oz in theaters? In 3D? Let us know in our comments below.

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