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Do not miss the launch of Blizzard’s new franchise Overwatch TOMORROW!!

Are you as excited as I am for Overwatch?!?!  I am SO excited for it that I decided not to buy another Heroes of the Storm stimpack to increase my experience gains because I will probably be playing Overwatch as my primary game for the next few weeks!  I think the folks at Blizzard are getting ready for it too, since it feels like the different units have finished up some things in the pipeline this week and they have shifted focus on stress and quality testing Overwatch!!

Diablo 3 – If you were not in D3 during the original release days then this retrospective on items might be interesting, as would this article on the 5-year award sword transmogrification!

HearthStone – Watch as streamer Kripparrian takes on the challenges of the newest expansion!!  Ever wanted to know how the Championship Tour points break down?!  Look no further than this article and see how the points breakdown for the Top 128 and Top 8!

Heroes of the StormChromie has been released into the Nexus with the latest Patch Notes which were followed by a Hotfix a few days later!  Did you know that Widowmaker Nova (and the bundle) have been released!?!  Of course we can’t forget about the Weekly Sale with Gazlowe and Lt. Morales!

Overwatch – Take a look at the infographic for the Open Beta and do not miss your launch overview of what you need to know before the game goes live!  Have you enjoyed the level of immersion for the history of the game?  Well we have a new backstory, animated short, and a digital comic this week right before launch!!

StarCraft 2 – This week saw Patch 3.3.0 finally hit with the Patch Notes and a quick overview of the new features!

World of Warcraft – Did you know that there is a Warcraft movie coming up?  If you log into WoW from May 25 until August 1 there are in-game transmogrifications based on the movie props!  You also need to start working to complete your legendary ring quest soon too, as it will be leaving the game eventually!  Then check out some really cool pieces of fan art!

Enjoying the Blitz?  Want to ask some questions or give me ideas for future articles?  Reach out to me on Twitter @rusty_schmidt!

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