Nintendo’s Pokemon-at-20 Super Bowl ad abstract, global, inspirational

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It’s not advertising anything other than Pokemon gaming — and positivity — in general, but the “Train On” commercial that ran on Super Bowl Sunday celebrates the worldwide gaming phenomenon’s 20th anniversary.

(This year is also the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, but that apparently didn’t rate a Big Game TV spot.)

More than these milestones, though, Nintendo is facing a big year with its upcoming first foray into the mobile app market, Miitomo, as well as a promised 2016 launch for the next big Zelda title — and, oh yeah, a new console concept, code-named “NX,” also determined to drop this year (so far).

As abstract, and ultimately goofy, as it was, this was probably my favorite of this year’s Super Bowl ads. Call me a Nintendo fanboy — I’m not even really into Pokemon, but the spirit of this one spoke to me. (Nintendo News has a good breakdown of Easter eggs in the commercial that will mean more to people who are actually Pokemon diehards.)

Maybe it was the “I can do this” message that grabbed me, as I work harder on personal goals like fitness and moderation — and making more time for things I enjoy, like gaming.

So, yeah: Train on. And game on.

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